We all deserve the good things in life

Life has been so generous to me lately, so much so, it feels almost like a dream. I’m fully aware of my over-thinking, the vicious cycle of undeserving feelings and the repetitive phrase of “if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. I’ve gone through enough psychology books to acknowledge this pattern of thoughts could eventually lead to self-sabogaging behaviours, again. Haven’t … Continue reading We all deserve the good things in life

George Street’s Memory Lane

So me and another human entity revisited our youthful nightlife on Friday, travelled between the busy city night lights while slightly intoxicated. It was so nice to disconnect from our daily attempts of pretending to be adults; because let’s face it, if anyone had the chance to read through the conversations, we’d be first put into a cell then later transfer to a mental institute … Continue reading George Street’s Memory Lane

My Precious Edelweiss

Here’s my friend’s story, let’s call her, Edelweiss. Edelweiss was the kind of girl who gave up on relationships and was determined to live her life alone, of course until she met someone and gotten herself into a ‘situationship’. She was careful and on guard at first, but then she decided to throw in the chips and let things blossom naturally. Just as unexpected as … Continue reading My Precious Edelweiss

Baby, Is It Really Cold Outside!?

For those who don’t know, there’s a feminist movement #metoo, focused on voicing out on behalf of rape victims – great idea initially, but the internet has its ways of transforming any great cause to extreme. Earlier this month a radio station in Ohio removed the song Baby It’s Cold Outside from its playlist, because apparently the lyrics promote date rape. As a female I’m … Continue reading Baby, Is It Really Cold Outside!?

Treat Everything As If You Chose It

My life right now is exactly where I want it, all aspects whether it be financial, social, career, health and relationship are all at the best it’s ever been. However, there will always be little bumps on the smooth road. I have always had trouble in the past when dealing with unexpected situations. Things like incidents at work, conflicts, disagreements and interpersonal issues. I tend … Continue reading Treat Everything As If You Chose It